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Information for employers about work placements.


A work placement is an ideal opportunity, not only to introduce young people to their chosen industry, but is also an excellent way for employers to supplement their own workforce with student who bring fresh perspectives, enthusiasm and new learning into the workplace.

By taking students on work placement, you are giving them an opportunity to be inspired and informed about what working life is like, as well as taking on meaningful work in the form of projects or daily tasks that you believe are useful, both to them and to yourself.

Hosting a work placement student helps you to:

  • Find potential members of staff who are becoming qualified in their fields
  • Gain additional support as students take on projects, social media work or daily tasks which need to be done
  • Develop your existing employees by allowing them to manage/supervise students
  • Get new ideas and perspectives from students who are training
  • Raise your profile by allowing the College to market the excellent work you’re doing with students
  • Help to up-skill a new generation of workers

Our placement types:


315-hour work placement are built into certain Level 3 vocational programmes at the College. Subjects currently included in this scheme are: Health and Social Care, Hairdressing, Beauty, Business, Travel and Tourism, Construction, Media and Performing Arts (Acting and Music), and Engineering. Employers are needed to host students on longer placement with an excellent support package on offer from the College to help employers to do so.

Longer industry placements are a new way of up-skilling the workforce of tomorrow and are the government’s proposed method of ensuring that skills gaps, identified by employers, are bridged. Industry placements may be thought of as types of internships and are the perfect opportunity for employers to explore their own business models, think about possibility of apprenticeship or work progression and assist in the recruitment of new staff.

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to contact the Placement Team on 01904 770830 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more detailed information.

35-40 - hour placements

These placements are for students at York College whose next career step is to progress into employment or an apprenticeship as their next step, and whose course doesn’t involve a 315-hour industry work placement. These students, finishing their learning time at York College, are well-positioned to work on set tasks, often independently, and can therefore support the overall functioning of your organisation. Because they are usually students who are finishing their training and hence possess up-to-date industry knowledge, their developing experience can benefit you as well as help them in their career journey.

Please feel free to contact the Placement Team on 01904 770830 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more detailed information.

Further Information on the New 315-hour Industry Placements

York College are delighted to announce that it has been selected as one of only 52 providers in the country to deliver the first round of T level qualifications. T levels are a bold step by government to help address productivity and skills gaps in technical areas, such as Construction, Engineering, Digital Technology, Hair and Beauty, Health and Social Care, Business Studies and a variety of other industries. T levels will provide students with the opportunity to gain specialist technical skills, whilst also completing a significant work placement, linked directly to students’ curriculum. This is an amazing opportunity for young people to stand out from the crowd and for employers to help rear and influence the next generation of the workforce.

From September 2018, York College will work with employers to provide the 315-hour period of work placement that T levels demand. This is a great opportunity for employers to give a young person a chance to gain experience, whilst also gaining insight and support from the student.

The work placement could be entirely focused around a project that the employer would like to complete but has never had the time or resource to commit to, or it could be completing tasks associated with the sector in a supportive capacity. There are countless ways to develop the talent pipeline of the future whilst developing your business. Many employers will relish the opportunity to expand their business model and also benefit from having a student with them for around 50 days in one academic year in an unpaid capacity.

At the College, we appreciate that supporting a work placement student can be time consuming. We will manage the entire process closely with you and support the student if issues arise. Employers can interview students or rely on the College to place students with each business’ tailored needs in mind. York College will also provide a dedicated staff member to support to the students’ manager and other supervisory staff in the workplace, thus reducing the bureaucracy and time constraints as much as possible to enable each organisation to prosper.

York College Work Placements

If you are considering accepting a student on a placement you may like to know more about our aims and how we would like to achieve them.

Our aims are to allow students to:

  • Access opportunities which will widen their knowledge and skills beyond their studies
  • Gain general experience and acquire further employability and transferable skills cultivate themselves, thus ensuring that they are workplace ready in the future

All York College students who require work placements are aged 16 and above. They will have received guidance from course tutors and the Work Placement Team about the type of organisation and workplace which would be most beneficial.

Top Five Reasons why to offer an Industry Placements - Info coming soon

Work Placements - Frequently Asked Questions - Info coming soon

If you feel you could offer a student work placement opportunity or have any further questions please contact the Work Placement Office:

Telephone: 01904 770830

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

View our guide for employers providing work placements.

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