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When you join York College as a student, you will find that there are all sorts of systems that you probably know very little about. This area will provide you with a single stop for all of your induction needs. This covers both online resources and online inductions for the various departments around College.

Your College Network Account

You will already have received (via your personal email account), a username and password for the College's computer network. This allows you to log into student computers in classrooms and open access areas. This, with your student card, gives you access to colour printing, scanning and copying across the site. It also enables you to access the college WiFi through your phone, tablet and laptops.

You can log into your network account any time when you are within College. You can gain access to your College storage area through the web from outside of College. Follow this link to access your files from home. If, for whatever reason, you haven't received your network details via your email, you can receive your network details from the Learning Centre. Visit the Learning Centre on floor one, and scan the bar code of your student ID card at the student ID Card Swiper to receive a new password printout.

Printing at York College

When you register your ID card at one of the college MFDs (Printer/Copier /Scanners) you have access to black and white, colour printing, copying and scanning. Printing is also enabled from any web enabled device, such as a phone, tablet and laptop through the web. Print jobs can be sent from home, and collected at any MFD on site (within 8 hours).

Your College Email Account (Office 365)

As briefly explained above, you will have been sent details of your Office 365 email account with your network details. Follow this link to log in.

It is important that you log into your email account as this is where you will find your timetable.

To access your timetable, log into your email account, then click on the "Calendar" tab at the top right of the screen. Your timetable will be displayed within this calendar but only after the first days of term.

Quick link to IT Resources

Free Microsoft Office

For the duration of your studies at York College, all students have free access to download and install Microsoft Office onto their laptop or home computers (up to 5 separate devices).

Included within the Office 365 offering, we give you 1TB free cloud storage space in ‘OneDrive’ and Office Online to edit MS Office files in a web browser. Via this facility you can either create, edit, attach these documents to an email, or share them online with whoever you want.

Click here to access IT Resources

  • Select Student Email (Office 365)
  • Log in with your student E-mail address and account password
  • Follow the instructions to download and install Office365

If you prefer to use your own email account

There's nothing stopping you from using your own email account if you choose to, but the College has a policy of only sending information to students via their official email addresses. So that you continue to receive any College emails, you can follow these simple instructions that will put a forwarder onto your College account and ensure that emails going to your ‘Inbox’ get forwarded to your own email account.

Using your own computer at College

York College operates a BYOD policy (Bring Your Own Device). Your login details allow you to connect to the web through the York College WiFi. From here you can access a large range of College digital resources, the virtual learning environment (BlackBoard), printing, files, library resources, timetables, and the World Wide Web etc.

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