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One in four British adults experiences at least one diagnosable mental health problem each year. The most common is mixed anxiety and depression, but there are so many other issues which have a huge impact on a person’s life and the people around them.

Qualification Level

NCFE Level 2 (online distance learning, no exams involved)

Who Is It For

This course is funded by the adult education budget, and therefore suitable for learners aged 19 and over and the courses are co-funded. Individuals that are aged 19 or over and have not attained a GCSE grades A* to C in maths or English will be fully funded.

Study Hours

Guided Learning Hours - 160 Study hours per week - 11.5 (*please note these are average and estimated figures and may not be a true representative for all individuals*)

Course Duration

This particular short course is just 12 weeks long

How It Helps You

This qualification offers a comprehensive understanding of some common mental health problems, which is of vital importance for anyone who works around people who experience these conditions.

How Is The Course Delivered

This course is available in both paper and online format, and up to you to choose which option you choose depending on your preferred method of learning; making the course flexible and easy for the learner. Personal tutors are assigned to each learner, to help ensure you have the support you need throughout the duration of the short course.

Course Breakdown

UNIT 1 – Understanding mental health
UNIT 2 – Understanding stress
UNIT 3 – Understanding anxiety
UNIT 4 – Understanding phobias
UNIT 5 – Understanding depression
UNIT 6 – Understanding post-natal depression
UNIT 7 - Understanding bipolar disorder
UNIT 8 – Understanding schizophrenia
UNIT 9 – Understanding dementia
UNIT 10 – Understanding eating disorders
UNIT 11 – Understanding attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
UNIT 12 – Understanding obsessive-compulsive disorder
UNIT 13 – Understanding Post-traumatic stress disorder

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