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ESOL courses are for people who are, or are intending to become, long-term UK residents and meet the eligibility criteria specified by the UK Government. The criteria include people who have been resident in the United Kingdom or other European Union countries for three years or more; or are refugees; or are married to an EU citizen and resident in the UK. Documentary evidence will be required. More details are available at the screening interview (see below).

Entry Requirements

No initial formal qualifications or experience are required, but students will be required to attend an initial screening interview in order to identify which ESOL course is most appropriate.

Dates and Times

All courses are during the day. They are split into parts:


CG L1 Award in ESOL (writing) 08-Jan-17 22-Mar-17 0930-1500 Wed
CG L2 Award in ESOL (writing) 19-Jan-17 23-Mar-17 0930-1500 Thu
CG E1 Award in ESOL (writing) 16-Jan-17 20-Mar-17 0930-1500 Mon
CG E2 Award in ESOL (writing) 16-Jan-17 20-Mar-17 0930-1500 Mon
CG E3 Award in ESOL (writing) 17-Jan-17 21-Mar-17 0930-1500 Tue



CG L1 Award in ESOL (reading) 29-Mar-17 24-May-17 0930-1500 Wed
CG L2 Award in ESOL (reading) 30-Mar-17 25-May-17 0930-1500 Thu
CG E1 Award in ESOL (reading) 27-Mar-17 05-Jun-17 0930-1500 Mon
CG E2 Award in ESOL (reading) 27-Mar-17 05-Jun-17 0930-1500 Mon


You can do both, or just the one you need, at the level you need.

Please contact the InfoZone on (01904) 770400 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

Course Content

Students acquire and improve skills in listening and speaking and as well as studying grammar and widening their vocabulary in different contexts. Students are helped to learn flexibly and independently using a variety of methods. They will be expected to complete homework tasks and activities outside the taught classes.

Exams and Assessments

Weekly in-course assessment and regular tutorials will enable students to review their progress. Each student will keep a file of their work throughout the course.


Improving knowledge of English will help students get jobs, gain promotion and generally improve their skills in the workplace.

Course Fees

  • Writing - £150
  • Reading - £150

Courses costing more than £100 can usually be paid for in instalments. Please contact the College for details.

How to Apply

If you wish to study this course you do not need to fill out an application form, simply call our Admissions Team on (01904) 770397 or visit our friendly team of advisors in the InfoZone, located behind the main reception desk.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this course or any aspects of studying at York College please email or call (01904) 770400.

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