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Cameron Elcock: Home and Cooke | Alex Press: SESRuby Mitchell: Pro Makeup Academy | Jessica Addison: Marriott HotelHarry Coutts: Ebor GT Ltd | Joshua Haig: John Minford Associates, Chartered Accountants
Joseph Savage: Scunthorpe Hospital | Hannah Savage: Selby South Children’s Centre
Maria Baker: Julian Sturdy MP – Office | Jake Stewart: S T Stead Veterinary Centre
Alice Ramage: Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School | Chloe Cargill: Vion Food Group, Malton
James Pratt: Elmhirst Parker Solicitors | Emily May: Copmanthorpe Primary School
Caroline Longley



Cameron Elcock

Cameron ElcockWork Experience: Home and Cook
Formerly of All Saints RC School

Cameron says: "I decided to do my work experience at Home and Cook as I currently have a part time job there and wanted to widen my knowledge of the company. I possibly want to work in retail management in the future and I wanted to get an indication to what it’s like in the offices and off the shop floor. I’m very fortunate that the business where I worked at gave me the opportunity to do what I wanted.

My work experience entailed a series of task over my workplace period. Firstly I learned about all the health and safety policies and procedures that my organisation has to follow. Secondly, I learned about sales comparing with the previous year to see how much more or less we made from that previous year and what products were popular at the time. Thirdly I learned about how stock difference and checks the organisation has to do when one or several units of stock doesn’t show up. We have to call the dispatch to see where the missing stock is which can be due to miscommunication of our deliveries going to different stores. Lastly, I learned about why our relationship with McArthur Glen is important because they allow us to advertise what is on offer at the time. McArthur Glen then promotes new offers to our customers which increases the people that come to our store.


My aspiration for the future is to work in retail management. This placement allowed me to experience what happens within a business, other than just sell products! It allowed me to gain knowledge that I never thought I'd be able to gain through any business. This placement has helped me to gather the experience I need to develop into retail management in the future. My placement wouldn’t have been as succesfull without the work placement team as they opened my eye to how much you can learn on work placement!

I believe the main benefit of work experience is that its giving you an insight into a possible career. It allows you to gain some knowledge and ask questions. You have no ties with work experience either so if you don’t enjoy it then that career path may not be for you. But my placement has reassured me that I want to go into retail management."

Alex Press

alex press

Work Experience: SES
Formerly of Fulford School

Alex says: "I took this work placement because I wanted to understand how building services are made and designed using BIM to improve my CAD skills.

We were asked to draw 3D BIM designs for services such as plumbing, electrical circuits and ventilation in buildings. When would then apply this knowledge to per 2D drawings for services in a corridor and a building room to see if we were able to draw it in 3D without having any of the services colliding with each other.

In the future I would like to become an architect to design buildings. This did help as it gave me inside to both making a stylish building as well a making it buildable. It allowed me to improve my 3D CAS skills and made allowed me to design buildings exterior and interior quire than I would normally do it in."


Ruby Mitchell

Ruby Mitchell

Level 3 Diploma in Theatrical, Special Effects,Hair & Media Make-up
Work Experience: Pro Makeup Academy with Tally Bookbinder and Collette Casey

Formerly of King James School

Ruby says: "I heard from a friend that Tally and Collette did make-up for a television series and when I looked into their company further I found that they had both had amazing and successful careers in this industry. They had worked with a long line of famous celebrities and had set up their own academy offering make-up workshops – this seemed the perfect place for me to do work experience. During my placement, I learnt what it is really like to work in the media make-up industry through helping out at a three-day workshop covering every-day, bridal and special occasion make-up looks. I watched the daily demonstrations where I learned new techniques; was a model on one of the days and even did the make-up on one of the ladies. Tally and Collette also gave me invaluable advice about their careers and experiences and gave me a good insight into how to progress in this industry. I really enjoyed my time at Pro Makeup Academy and this placement confirmed to me that I would love to work in make-up and special effects in TV/film or theatre."

Tally Bookbinder and Collette Casey of Pro Makeup Academy said: "Having a student on placement builds them as a person and helps them approach the world of work. Confidence building is one of the main benefits as Ruby developed a great deal throughout the little time she spent with us. She was able to work in a new environment with new people, which can be hard for even some adults. It was really gratifying to see how much Ruby enjoyed herself and how she came out of her shell whilst learning. By day three, Ruby was part of the team; she saw how a business operates and this increased her social skills and manners." 


Jessica Addison

Jessica Addison

A Levels: Business, Psychology and Sociology
Work Experience: Marriott Hotel

Formerly of Barlby High School

Jessica says: "I really enjoyed my time with the Marriott Hotel. I have learnt a lot about the day-to-day workings of a HR department whilst further developing my interest in pursuing a career in HR in the future. Although I found it to be a stressful environment at times, it could also be a happy and exciting place to work. I found that I easily forged friendships whilst still working hard, even in the short time I was on work experience. “I would certainly recommend this placement to another student as all the employees were very friendly and made me feel welcome. They were always happy to help and give advice, which made for a comfortable environment where I was able to ask any questions I had about HR."

Melanie Stubbs, HR Manager at the Marriott Hotel said: ‘‘ Jess was an absolute star on her work experience placement! She did everything I asked of her thoroughly; has a good attention to detail and was great at both creative and administrative tasks. We’re all sad to see Jess leave as she really helped us out with some important tasks that needed doing. I hope this placement helped her to gain a little insight into the workings of our HR department."


Harry Coutts

Harry Coutts

A Levels: Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics
Work Experience: Ebor GT Ltd

Formerly of Ryedale School

Harry says, "Initially the York College Work Placement Team offered me a placement at Nestle, where I shadowed an engineer for a week. This was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot about how a large company works.

A few weeks later the Team contacted me to explain that Ebor GT in York wanted a student to do some book keeping. I was particularly pleased when they suggested asking the company if I could also do some engineering alongside the accountancy work.

Ebor GT Ltd offer a service which find really interesting; a mixture of car restoration and race preparation. They allowed me to look at different sides of the business both financial and physical engineering. 

Working one day a week for about a term and a half, I gained so much experience. I learned the in-depth workings of high end sports cars such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis and an understanding how a business works and how it builds connections with the local community and individual customers.

I am now studying Engineering at Durham University and I don't underestimate how useful my work placement was. The knowledge I gained is not necessarily taught at University and very few people I have come across have had anything like this sort of work experience. 

My work placement certainly gave me something extra to put on my CV – it made me stand out from the crowd."

Adrian Snook from Ebor GT Ltd said, "We decided to give work experience to a student from York College to help with our small office as we are a growing company and not in a position to employ a person full-time. Harry was perfect for us; completing the office work easily and giving me time to continue running the business (without having to look over his shoulder). I think Harry benefitted from being in a work environment and he appreciated how hard you have to work to run your own business. Harry left us as a more confident person and I think more focused about his decisions for later life."

Joshua Haig

Joshua Haig

Work experience: John Minford Associates, Chartered Accountants

"I really enjoyed my placement and felt like I learned a lot from the week. My time there was definitely worth it and gave me a great insight into the profession.

Everyone was really helpful and I felt like I knew my role. The time I spent there was really valuable and it was a great experience.

I’m very grateful to everyone at John Minford Associates for giving me a placement and for being so helpful and easy to work with."


Joseph Savage

Joseph Savage

Work experience: Scunthorpe Hospital

"I thought that Scunthorpe Hospital put on an extremely good and varied week which gave me great insight into hospital life and how wards operate.

I would like to thank the staff on Ward 17 for a great week. The only problem was that I couldn’t stay longer!"


Hannah Savage

Hannah Savage

Work experience: Selby South Children's Centre

"I thoroughly enjoyed my placement at the Children's Centre. It helped me to gain experience and an insight into how the career path worked. Everyone was really welcoming and helpful, and I got the chance to experience working with a variety of children at different ages. I found it delightful to work with them."


Maria Baker

Maria Baker

Work experience: Julian Sturdy MP – Office

"At my placement I was given a research project to complete. This helped me to get a lot more out of the placement as it was a real experience rather than just doing administration work. It was very relevant to the work I want to go into after university and I left with a piece of work that I was very proud of.

The staff at the office were very helpful, and completing a placement means that I have something interesting to add to my university application, showing a real interest in the subject I want to pursue."


Jake Stewart

Jake Stewart

Work experience: S T Stead Veterinary Centre

"I loved every minute at my work placement. It helped me to realise that a veterinary qualification is the route I plan to go down at university. I wish I could have stayed longer."



Alice Ramage

Alice Ramage

Work experience: Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School

"I really enjoyed my placement at Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School. They made me feel very welcome and both the staff and children were very friendly.

It was a great experience that brought new challenges, helping me to gain a wider understanding and knowledge of teaching. It was really good fun. I would recommend this placement to anyone and would love to go back!"


Chloe Cargill

Chloe Cargill

Work experience: Vion Food Group, Malton

"I found it really useful to see what the role of the vet in an abattoir included, in particular how they carried out ante-mortem and post-mortem examinations on the animals.

I feel that I came away from the day with a much better understanding of how the slaughterhouse and meat factory system works, from both a veterinary and consumer perspective. I have also gained some valuable material for my university application and for future interviews."


James Pratt

James Pratt

Work experience: Elmhirst Parker Solicitors

"Throughout my placement I have had a brilliant insight into the legal profession. After sitting in the Magistrates court and client meetings I have been given a sample of the life of a solicitor, including the way they work and how they apply the law to various cases.

The work placement environment has been warm and welcoming while also keeping a professional manner. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Elmhirst Parker Solicitors and am very grateful for the time they spent with me."


Emily May

Emily May

Work experience: Copmanthorpe Primary School

"Working at Copmanthorpe Primary School was a fantastic experience for me. I felt welcomed into the school as part of the team and never felt isolated. I was kept very busy, working with teachers and groups of children as well as individually.

The placement was well organised and I was always given clear instructions as to what I had to do. I was delighted to work with the students and help the staff, and I would like to thank the school for giving me an experience I will never forget."


Caroline Longley

Caroline Longley L

Childcare and Education (Early Years Educator) CACHE Level 3
Previously of Pudsey Grangefield School

“I chose to study Child Studies to get first-hand experience working with children. The course met my expectations and I have learnt a lot during my time at College. I really enjoyed going to placement as it has allowed me to meet different children along the way. I also really enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in Forest Schools in my first year at College.”

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