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Executive Summary

The ability to lead and manage people effectively is vital in business today. Are you confident your managers have the skills and knowledge needed? We all know how demanding and challenging the responsibilities of management can be. When you are a manager you are not only expected to manage yourself, but also to deal with the day-to-day working challenges and emotional demands of the rest of the people and teams you manage. Do your managers know when they need to tell team members, coach them, support them or delegate to them?

Most of us start our careers as individual contributors, responsible only for our own work. Once we have become competent and develop expertise in the role, we may be considered suitable for promotion. The first step on the management ladder is the supervisor, team leader, or first line manager. This role requires the individual to develop new skills such as communication, problem-solving, managing people, leadership, planning, motivation and delegation.

This is a lively and interactive two-day workshop that covers all these topics and uses a number of exercises to demonstrate the principles of supervising and managing people. Delegates will get the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills in a "safe environment", enabling them to succeed in their role.

At the end of the course participants will see that leading people is a skill that can be learned by most people. Understanding how people react in certain circumstances as well as understanding their own abilities can be very rewarding and enjoyable.

Is this seminar for me?

Whether you are an existing or new manager, if you want to become more effective and achieve more, and you want to quickly improve your management capabilities, then this two-day workshop is for you.

This programme has been specifically designed for people who have little or no experience of supervising or managing others or who have some experience but no formal training in this area. It is designed to help you overcome many of the supervisory problems you will encounter in the role. You will also learn what you do well and other areas you may want to focus on for further development. You will also take away fresh ideas and imaginative solutions that you can use straightaway.

Learning Methods Used

Instructor-led facilitation. This seminar is designed to be highly practical, interactive, hands-on and fun. The event will be a mix of exercises, pair work and small group discussion. In addition to sharing ideas, tools and tips, delegates will receive workbooks with comprehensive notes.

Workshop Outline

Introduction and Welcome

The role of the supervisor/leader/manager

  • The myths of management
  • What effective managers really do

How to be a manager

  • Differing views of management
  • Understanding responsibilities

New manager challenges

  • Providing direction
  • Handling grievances
  • Disciplinary
  • Dealing with conflict

Managing your workload

  • Time management
  • Planning, prioritising and allocating work
  • Scheduling
  • Delegating

Managing People

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication

Leading the team

  • Coaching and supporting
  • Leadership styles
  • The Blake Mouton Grid
  • Running effective meetings

Developing the team

  • Performance management
  • Individual goal-setting
  • Giving feedback
  • Problem-solving

Achieving business objectives

  • Motivation and commitment
  • Goal-setting
  • Maintaining high performance


  • Plan and discuss what they will do on the return to work

You will learn

In this two-day programme, you will learn the techniques and build the skills that will allow you to:

  • Develop a rounded view of the manager’s role
  • Develop an appropriate leadership style
  • Build a positive image and become more influential
  • Set a direction for the team
  • Manage team dynamics
  • Coach and support individuals
  • Create work plans and allocate resources
  • Delegate tasks successfully
  • Conduct performance appraisals and provide feedback
  • Know when and how to run meetings
  • Build a strong and committed team
  • Deal with conflict and emotion
  • Motivate, inspire and gain commitment from your team

By the end of the two days you will have a good understanding of team performance, the importance of good communication and the basic principles of leadership.

Our trainers bring with them a wealth of experience in the subject. Our approach is professional and relaxed to quickly build confidence, delivered by trainers who have consistently exceeded expectations in their own careers. We expect participants to be fully involved in the process, be enthusiastic and work hard to change their behaviours and to incorporate new learning.

Programme Delivery and Cost

Two-day programme: 09.30-16.30 (both days)
Individual price: £155.00

Next Course Dates

17th/18th June 2019

Further Information and Booking

If you are interested in this course then please contact us:
Business Development Unit, York College, Sim Balk Lane, York, YO23 2BB
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 01904 770368

An Introduction to Management and Supervisory Skills case study

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