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York College

Updated 11th January 2018

York College works closely with Virtual Heads, Social Workers, parents/carers and other support staff to ensure that students in care (looked-after-young people aged 16-18) or leaving care (over 18) are given the best chance to succeed no matter their circumstances.

Prior to joining college prospective students in York can visit college as part of the Local Authority’s Summer School package for Looked-after-Children. This is a more personalised event which takes place away from the crowds of main open days includes a tour, refreshments and time to ask specific questions to support staff to ensure the best possible preparation for college life.

For 'looked-after' students we strive to work with social workers, parents/carers and all others involved to maintain the post-16 Personal Education Plan and to attend our student's care review meetings. We will also aim to keep everybody updated with key progress throughout the year.

All students falling into in the 'looked-after' or 'leaving care' category are guaranteed a bursary that offers additional financial support throughout college. This can be arranged through the college Funding Team with a letter from the local authority confirming their status.

Finally, a dedicated person is available at college to offer additional extra support if or when it’s needed.

Prospective students or professionals; please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details about the support offered.

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