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13th January - 6th February 2014

This exciting exhibition of new video pieces by artist Hui-Hsuan Hsu at York College Gallery showcases an artist working with HD video whilst making work that references abstract painting and the subtlety of movement caught on camera.


Hui-Hsuan Hsu visualises and transfers observations of easily ignored objects and phenomenon into a digital form. Using digital techniques as an extension of, and as compensation for, weaknesses of the body’s senses: digital devices play roles as “semi-transparent prosthesis” connecting the object photographed, artists and viewers and create a rhythm amongst the physical, the mechanical and the perceptional in Hsu’ works. Hsu questions the idea of ‘point of view’ whereby the camera becomes a more active agent between the artist’s ‘seeing’ and mental perception.

Hsu’s video pieces guide audiences’ consciences between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the recognisable and the unrecognisable. A different experience to watching mainstream film, Hsu’s work creates in audiences an uncertain perception and provocative ambiguity through gazing her moving image objects.

Hui has recently taken part in exhibitions in Edinburgh, New York, Taiwan and London so it is a great opportunity to see the work of this emerging artist who will no doubt continue to have high profile exhibitions as her career takes full flight.

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