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Performing Arts (Acting) students have enjoyed working alongside three of the region’s most dynamic production theatre companies; Pilot Theatre, Slung Low and York Theatre Royal, in their highly acclaimed production of ‘Blood + Chocolate’.


The sell-out production, which ran for nearly three weeks in York, presented a unique opportunity for the students’ performances to be assessed as part of their Extended Diploma qualification. Joining a cast of 200 local people, the students witnessed how the 300 strong audiences totally immersed themselves in the performances, following the promenade production through the streets of York.

Producer of Blood + Chocolate, Liam Ford-Evans said: “This epic, cinematic theatrical experience provided a really interesting project for the students to work on. Being part of a large local cast, they had a complex and lengthy rehearsal and performance schedule. The production received excellent reviews and audiences enjoyed listening to the characters’ conversations via headphones in a surprisingly intimate way, whilst walking around the city.”

Student Anna Soden (aged 17) found the whole experience very rewarding, saying: “I was given a role in the production as well as performing in the ensemble. I feel fortunate to have been part of such a large cast and then being assessed in the production as part of my course. We all learned lots about the discipline of performance and the stamina required for long runs. It was an extremely valuable learning experience for us all.”

Tony Ravenhall, Performing Arts tutor at York College said: “Blood + Chocolate will be something our students will treasure for many years to come, and it will look excellent on their CVs when applying to higher education courses and drama schools.”


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