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5th October - 31st October 2013

The ‘Collages’ exhibition by artist Eric Bainbridge runs throughout October in the York College Gallery. The exhibition consists of small scale collages realised from images culled and cut from fashion magazines. Bainbridge has recomposed these colours, forms and found images, creating an effect that is both hilarious and charming.


Made during time spent in the North East of England, the collages have a North Eastern precedent in Richard Hamilton who, 40 years earlier made his pop collages in Newcastle, and 20 years before Hamilton - Kurt Schwitters who ‘merzed’ his ephemera, the result of which was a sequence of proto-pop art pictures.

Through ‘cut and paste’, the old way of doing, Bainbridge creates new relationships between images that have been abstracted and detached from their original source and context of brand and commercial message.

These collages are glistening and playful, even risqué. A surface fetish is present: skin glows, hair shines and eyes glisten, colour is sumptuous. There is a push/pull of repulsion and attraction, Bainbridge has looked too carefully at the pages of fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Eric Bainbridge lives and works between Sunderland and London. He trained at Newcastle Polytechnic (1974-77) and then took a Masters in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art.

Says Steve Hemingway who co-ordinates the Gallery programme: “This is such a great exhibition to have at York College Gallery. Eric Bainbridge is a highly regarded and important figure within contemporary art and to have a show of his collages is very exciting. I have been a fan of Bainbridges work for a long time and I think that students will also be really inspired by his approach to making art”


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