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Course Types

Now that your son or daughter has enrolled at York College we want to ensure their time with us is as fulfilling and rewarding as possible, and we look forward to supporting them every step of the way.

Please take a look at the following information which may answer a few questions about what happens next, and outlines how we can work together to make sure every individual reaches their full potential whilst they are with us.

How to help your son or daughter succeed:

  • Encourage them to arrive to lessons on time
  • Make sure they have all the notes, books, kit and PPE they need
  • Ensure they do their homework. Their tutor will help with any difficulties
  • The library & departmental resources are available and should be used – please check that this is happening
  • Work must always be original – discourage copying other people’s work
  • Help to support them with their organisational skills, and let us know if you feel the need extra input from tutors

Progress reports

Throughout your child/ward's time at College, you are kept informed and involved through a number of activities including:

  • Monitoring – early November
    During the first half-term, the College monitors the progress of its students and allocates a ‘rating’ using a scale of Red, Amber and Green. Each student has a rating using a range of factors including attendance and punctuality, timeliness of work submission, quality of work submitted and overall performance. In the past, a full report also accompanied the letter we sent to parents and indicated the reasoning behind the rating. This year the full report was removed from Midterm Monitoring as feedback from parents and students last year made us think this was not necessary.
    Since then, feedback received from A Level parents said that the detail in the letter was not sufficient for them to understand where any concerns lay and they expressed the view that the process did not help them to understand their son or daughter’s progress at College.
    In light of this we have reviewed the process and a full report for A Level students rated Red or Amber will be posted out to parents shortly.

  • Parent/Carer evenings – autumn term
  • Reports – sent out in February
  • Newsletters
  • Calls/emails home when needed
  • ProPortal

The autumn open evenings provide an early opportunity to meet your child/ward's Progress Tutor, and receive their contact details eg College telephone number and email address.

Parents/carers can sign up to receive regular newsletters by email direct from UCAS, with topical advice about the process of choosing and applying to higher education. The link can be found here.


Parent/Carer Survey

Parents and Carers are asked to take part in our Parent and Carer Satisfaction surveys. These are sent out with Progress Reports.

“As many parents know, we survey parents and carers of our students on a very regular basis so that we can understand quickly what we are doing well and what the College needs to improve. I am grateful for all the responses from parents to our last survey when they identified many ways in which the College was successfully supporting our students to achieve. However, we are keen to understand how we could improve communication further.

“I would urge any parent or carer who wishes to have further information from the College to just contact us by telephone, email or letter and we will respond to you as quickly as we can. Any parent can email me, as principal and I will attend to their concerns personally, or they can contact their child's progress tutor directly."

Alison Birkinshaw OBE
Principal and Chief Executive

Tracking Progress

We track students’ attendance and progress using a system called ProMonitor, which students can access through Proportal. This is also the key system that tutors and support staff use to communicate with each other about student progress, and allows students to see comments and information posted about them and to them.

Students can access Proportal via the College’s Intranet using their network login details. 

Contacting parents and carers

Students who are under the age of 18 or who are deemed to be a 'vulnerable adult' are informed that, as a condition of their enrolment, the College will ordinarily communicate with their parents or carers regarding the following:

  • absence from College (activities)
  • academic progress
  • any matters of concern

Signing the College enrolment form implies your child/ward's consent to communicate with you as their parents or carers.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, a student can withdraw their consent for the College to contact you but must follow the appropriate College procedures, as laid out in our Data Protection Policy.

If your child/ward reaches the age of 18 whilst completing their course, the College will continue to contact you until the student withdraws their consent using the College's procedures.

In the event of your child/ward withdrawing their consent for us to contact you, the College will send a final communication to you confirming that this withdrawal of consent has taken place. Students are made aware of the implications of such a decision.

Students who withdraw their consent to contact parents or carers must provide the College with an emergency contact; the individual named as the emergency contact should know that they have been named and confirm that they are happy to act in that capacity.

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Students' attendance is monitored for each lesson. If your child/ward does not attend a lesson, and they have not notified their tutors that they will be absent, our Attendance and Retention Liaison Officers will ring you. If you cannot be reached, a letter will be sent out and a disciplinary hearing may be arranged.

If your child/ward is unable to attend College due to any reason (illness, lateness or unforeseen circumstances) please call 01904 770399 preferably by 12noon on each day of absence.

Exams and Assessments

AS Level Exams

There is a week of mock exams in January 2017. 

At the end of their first year (Year 12), all students are entered for AS exams in all of their subjects, whether they count towards their A Level or not.

After AS exams in May and June, we start back with 4-5 weeks of A2. Students need to attend this in order to progress to the second year!

Students then formally enrol onto their A2 courses in August after they’ve received their AS results.

A2 Exams

A2 exams are in June 2017.

Vocational Exams and Assessment

Vocational exams are ad hoc so their Personal Tutors will notify students of these dates.


If you need any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Schools Liaison Team on 01904 770239 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.