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Course Types

Students who are under the age of 18 or who are deemed to be a 'vulnerable adult' are informed that, as a condition of their enrolment, the College will ordinarily communicate with their parents or carers regarding the following:

  • absence from College (activities)
  • academic progress
  • any matters of concern

Signing the College enrolment form implies your child/ward's consent to communicate with you as their parents or carers.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, a student can withdraw their consent for the College to contact you but must follow the appropriate College procedures, as laid out in our Data Protection Policy.

If your child/ward reaches the age of 18 whilst completing their course, the College will continue to contact you until the student withdraws their consent using the College's procedures.

In the event of your child/ward withdrawing their consent for us to contact you, the College will send a final communication to you confirming that this withdrawal of consent has taken place. Students are made aware of the implications of such a decision.

Students who withdraw their consent to contact parents or carers must provide the College with an emergency contact; the individual named as the emergency contact should know that they have been named and confirm that they are happy to act in that capacity.