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Course Types

Course Types

Throughout your child/ward's time at College, you are kept informed and involved through a number of activities including:

  • Monitoring – early November
    During the first half-term, the College monitors the progress of its students and allocates a ‘rating’ using a scale of Red, Amber and Green. Each student has a rating using a range of factors including attendance and punctuality, timeliness of work submission, quality of work submitted and overall performance. In the past, a full report also accompanied the letter we sent to parents and indicated the reasoning behind the rating. This year the full report was removed from Midterm Monitoring as feedback from parents and students last year made us think this was not necessary.
    Since then, feedback received from A Level parents said that the detail in the letter was not sufficient for them to understand where any concerns lay and they expressed the view that the process did not help them to understand their son or daughter’s progress at College.
    In light of this we have reviewed the process and a full report for A Level students rated Red or Amber will be posted out to parents shortly.

  • Parent/Carer evenings – autumn term
  • Reports – sent out in February
  • Newsletters
  • Calls/emails home when needed
  • ProPortal

The autumn open evenings provide an early opportunity to meet your child/ward's Progress Tutor, and receive their contact details eg College telephone number and email address.