York College

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, we’ve teamed up with Vale Radio to help you get an idea of what it’s like being an apprentice or how taking on an apprentice can help your business.

We’ll be adding more audio logs through the week so be sure to give them a listen. 

 Day 1: Jess Askins, Apprentice, Townends Accountants

Day 1: Lesley Strangwards, HR Manager, Townends Accountants

Day 2: Richard Daniels, manager, NM Group

Day 2: Alex Newton-Brown, Apprentice, NM Group

Day 3: Roger Lee, Director, Bedern Hall

Day 3: Laura Drinkeld, Apprentice, Bedern Hall

Day 4: David MacMillan, Employer, DM Scientific Ltd

Day 4: Chloe Wood, Apprentice, DM Scientific Ltd

Day 5: Jo Carr, Employer, Renaissance Hair Salon, Haxby

Day 5: Charley-Anne, Apprentice, Renaissance Hair Salon, Haxby