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The College knows that accommodation is one of the most important parts of coming to study in York from elsewhere. After you have been made an offer of acceptance onto your course, the next stage is to find somewhere to live. York College does not own any of its own student accommodation in the same way that a university might have halls of residence, but we are able to offer some assistance in arranging homestay accommodation and we can provide information to help you arrange your own accommodation.

The only accommodation that is arranged by the College is homestay accommodation.

Homestay Accommodation

Almost all of our international students are housed in homestay accommodation. This kind of accommodation is where a student rents a room in the home of a local resident and lives there with the resident for the duration of the course.

Homestay accommodation must be paid in advance to the College, before the start of each term. Price information for homestay accommodation is available on request from the International team.

If you would like to arrange your own accommodation, then the following options are open to you:

Landlords and Letting Agencies

One option is to rent a property from the general property market. York is a city with two universities and two further education colleges, so there is a large amount of student properties that are available to rent.

The price of properties in York varies a lot, but they are generally quite expensive.

Students who rent from the general property market will have to sign a tenancy agreement, which is a legal contract between the student and the landlord/agency. The College is not involved in setting the terms of the tenancy agreement and it not responsible for settling any disputes.

The following document is a collection of some letting agencies in York who are known to have properties available to rent by students:


The College also has the contact details for a handful of local landlords, which can be provided on request.