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 In September 2016, York College is charging fees of £6,000 for a full time course, and £3,000 for a part time programme. so you could save £9,000 over the three years of an Honours Degree course compared with some universities. 

Regardless of whether you are studying full or part-time, whether you are a UK or EU student and what your household income is, there are no fees to pay upfront for your higher education course at York College.

You can apply for a loan from the government, through Student Finance England, which is paid to the college each year, and your repayments will be based on how much you earn following your graduation from the course. You will only be asked to commence repayment when your income is £21,000 per year or more.

The funding you are specifically entitled to will depend on whether you are a full or part-time student, whether you have studied at a higher education level before and when you start your course.
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The College can provide information about a number of scholarships available to higher education students with a household income of under £25,000, live in England and who have not studied in higher education before. For more information, contact the college Student Services team on (01904) 770400.

It is not essential to apply for a loan to fund your higher education course at York College. If you are in a position to pay your course fees upfront, this can be arranged directly with the College finance department.