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Policies and Procedures

York College policies and procedures are important to everyone who has contact with the college in some way or another, are regularly reviewed and demonstrate inclusivity of learning and employment opportunities. They are available to all students and staff.

Policies with a specific Equality and Diversity focus are the Equality and Diversity Policy and Able to Learn.

Able to Learn provides important information for learners with learning difficulties or disabilities.

Across the college all Divisions/Areas develop divisional plans which drive forward their targets, review performance and inform reports to SMT and Governors.

York College Gender Pay Report

Follow this link to view our latest Gender Pay report from the 31st march 2017.


The York College building, grounds and facilities all comply with disability regulations ensuring the whole college is accessible to everyone. Please follow this link for Maps and Floor Plans of the college.

If you have any questions regarding York College accessibility, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maps and Directions


Equality and Diversity Strategy Group

The York College Equality and Diversity Strategy Group meets half termly to ensure the college anticipates effectively the impact of changes in equality and diversity related legislation, codes of practice and case law to achieve full compliance and develop good practice in all areas of the college internal and external communities.

Dr Alison Birkinshaw, Chair - Principal and Chief Executive

Graeme Murdoch - Deputy Principal, Directorate of QA & Customer Support

Pat Rose - Learning Support Manager

Ingrid Kellock - Student Development Manager (Vocational)

Hayley McQueen - Curriculum Performance Manager for A Levels

Jan Starr-Thompson - Administration Services Manager

Chris Leng - Human Resources Manager

Glenn Miller - Head of Student Services

Azhar Iqbal - IT Systems and Services Manager

Mary Ramsden - Quality Improvement Manager

Andrea Shepherd - Assistant Principal: HE, International, Adult and Development

There are also two Student members on the group.

Shona Terry – UCU Representative

Rob Watkins – Learning Technician, Science

Student Representatives