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Xtra Curricular activities at York College

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Student life at York College aims to meet the needs of students outside of the classroom. You don't just come to College for your lessons, you also come for the experience, the atmosphere and to make lifelong friends.

York College offers a variety of Xtra Curricular activities/events that develop skills to enhance employability and self-development.

Put more in – Get more out!

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Quotes from our students

See below for some quotes and experiences from our students who experienced life at York College OUTSIDE the classroom:

“Getting involved with Xtra curricular has developed me as a person. Before coming to college I wouldn’t get involved in clubs or extra activities because I saw them as unimportant. Now that I have joined the Sirius group, I’ve made so many new friends and I’ve learnt so much about the world around me.”

“My Instagram is looking great since going to photography club, I’ve now got a theme for it and know how to enhance my images using Photoshop.”

“Playing football breaks up my day and I get the chance to spend time with friends on other courses.”

“Taking part in an Anti-extremism workshop was interesting. I learnt that becoming extreme isn’t always intentional. It helped me understand how easy it is to be targeted and what issues different people face.”

“I didn’t realize I could learn another language (Italian) for free whilst doing my course.”

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Social Media

At York College, not only do we try and engage our students at College, we also have active divisional social media pages so you can keep up to date with your department's news, events, announcements and much more.

Click here to view our divisional social media pages.


Xtra Curricular Timetable

At York College certain Xtra Curricular activities are held on different days with sessions taking place at the same time.

See below for the full York College Xtra Curricular timetable, be aware this is subject to change.

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Cross College Workshops

York College Hosts a wide range of enriching and engaging workshops, covering a variety of topics including:

  • Building Self Esteem through Laughter & Comedy
  • Cyber bullying
  • Prevent and Anti-extremism
  • Healthy relationships
  • Sexual consent
  • Road Safety Awareness
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Mental Health awareness
  • Visits and residential trips

At Xtra-curricular we’d love to increase the enrichment of our students by looking at any trips/residentials that complement each club/society’s studies. Currently, many course programmes will have their own specialist trips/visits schedule in order to enhance the learning experiences of our students outside of the classroom. The following illustrates some examples of trips that students have been on in the past and upcoming trips planes for the future:

  • A level Physics- day trip to York University- Nuclear and Astrophysics- (June)
  • A level Geography trip- Cranedale Field study centre near Malton- Geogrphical field work (April)
  • A level French studies- Annual trips to Berlin for A level German students
  • Hospitality and Tourism- June 2018 (currently) - Florence Italy trip
  • Hair and Beauty- Beauty UK at NEC Birmingham (Hair, media and beauty trade exhibition)
  • A level Economics- Bank of England- July 2018

‘Xtra’ curricular clubs and societies

At York College we have a rich variety of Xtra-curricular activities, selected to enhance and enrich your programme of studies at the college. All students are encouraged to take up a range of options to participate in new and exciting activities, develop personal skills, make new friends and gain valuable additional qualifications. Our Xtra-curricular activities run on a daily basis throughout the week at college. Each session is aimed to fit around every timetable and students have the freedom to choose which sessions they want to run and attend. Previously our clubs/societies have included:

  • Netball, Gym sessions, Badminton, Basketball, 5-a-side football, Handball and Volleyball
  • LGBT+
  • Feminist society
  • Learn Italian
  • Choir, Orchestra, Soul Band, Jazz Band, Music theory
  • This girl can
  • Sirius
  • Christian Union
  • Creative writing
  • Debating
  • Art club
  • Photography club

We hope that the information will help you successfully enrol to your own personal programme, and give you the best opportunities to enjoy your time here as you study.

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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award Scheme

The college is working with the Open Award Centre to allow students to access the DofE award scheme at Bronze, Silver or Gold level. It is recommended that you start at Bronze level and work up, but it is also possible for some people to be a direct Silver or even a direct Gold participant. More information for parents and participants is available at:

The York Open Award is run by a (not for profit) Community Interest Company-Mid York expeditions CIC under the DofE license, held by the city of York Council. We are hosted by Moorlane Youth Centre, Wains Rd, York, YO24 2TX. The cost of the different packages are:

Bronze- £247
Silver- £299
Gold- £443

Access to NUS

Choose from a 1 year card for just £12, a 2 year card for £22 or a 3 year card for only £32. Many discounts are online only so you can’t get them without your NUS extra card!”

Find out more about NUS Cards.

Student Voice


“If you have an opportunity to use your voice you should use it”
Samuel L. Jackson


We currently have a job opening for a Student Voice intern. A job that will see you working closely with both staff and students to open communication channels and ensure the Student Voice is being heard. Please follow the link above for more information and to submit your application.

Student Voice was set up by York College, for all students, to ensure their ‘voice’ is heard.

The College prides itself on embracing students’ views, providing the opportunity for all students to become involved in shaping not only their learning experience, but the future of the College.

Student Voice provides every student at York College with:

  • Representation
  • A voice

If you have any ideas about how the College could improve or suggestions for changes you would like to see, please contact Student Voice email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can send us a private message via our Student Voice Facebook. page.

Responsibility for Enrichment

There is an executive team headed by The Student development manager with responsibility for Enrichment, who ensure interests in clubs and societies are supported and promoted. If you have a particular interest and want to set up a group, then they can help. For any enquires/information contact: Ingrid Kellock via email or come to room 3F022.

What our students say

“Both Jazz band and Soul band have been great experiences for me. Soul band was a great opportunity to meet lots of people and play uplifting, joyful music together, while Jazz Band pushed me to evolve and play types of music I was previously less comfortable within an encouraging environment. I would absolutely recommend both to others.” (Jazz and Soul band)

“I always found Debating Society really enjoyable! We always debated topics that were in the news which made it particularly interesting, especially because I study politics where having a good knowledge of current affairs is important. There were also plenty of opportunities to lead or chair debates as well as just to sit in to hear the arguments. This made it really easy to get more involved in debates you were passionate about, but also meant that you didn’t have to if you didn’t want to.” (Debating club)

“The gym sessions are good to attend because they’re free so you don’t have to pay for a gym membership elsewhere as well as it is convenient to fit around my studies. It also has meant that I don’t have to travel far, so after college I can just go home and relax.” (Gym sessions)

“My time at Sirius has seen me learn about a variety of interesting topics. From mutually assured destruction to the representation of Asians/Asian culture within Hollywood and the impact it has had on the Asian community. Alongside this, I have come to meet different students from different courses and backgrounds. Although an A level student, I haven’t been too heavily interested in academia. I didn’t take the time or the effort to learn about the world outside of my own studies as I had been too intimidated by unfamiliar terminology, ideas and concepts as well as I felt intimidated by intellectuals. Sirius has allowed me to explore academia in a comfortable and welcoming environment to which I never believed could exist.” (Sirius)